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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Gaia Giladi - Co-founder & Chief Creative
Design Type: Materials, textiles, fabrics, tech clothing
Company / Organization / School: HILOS
Team Members: Gaia Giladi, Elias Stahl, Eric Folsom, Giovanna Cafaro & Vladimir Chvorun

24 billion shoes are made every year, and one in five go straight to the land fill. HILOS is on a mission to stop waste before it starts, ending the overproduction & waste endemic in the fashion industry. Their first to market style, Georgia, introduces a radically new way to make shoes made on-demand & recycled at end-of-life. The Georgia combines a traditional insole, midsole, & outsole into a single 3D-printed platform that embodies the performance requirements of each of these layers within a complete construction. Internal geometries leverage architectural structures that hold the upper in place with a steel cable, allowing for ease of disassembly and recyclability. A digital mesh lattice cushion provides all day comfort that outcompetes legacy manufacturing.