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SOOM: Jobster App


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Jangik Choi
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Kyungpook National University
Team Members: Jangik Choi, Yerim Moon, Hwanyi Jung, Sihun Lee & Jisun An, Faculty Advisor

According to the 'Report on the Situation of Isolated and Secluded Youth in Seoul' (2022), nearly 130,000 young people in Seoul are estimated to be socially isolated or in seclusion. Approximately half of them consider unemployment or job difficulties as the main cause of their isolation. As job scarcity intensifies in Korea, young job seekers commonly engage in "job prep study" activities such as studying in commercial study rooms(“Dokseo Shil”), joining small group job online cafes, and attending private job academies. For example, out of 1,124 job seekers in 2020, 43.3% had experience in these activities. Throughout this process, they are expected to become independent from their parents and form new social relationships through employment. However, due to prolonged unemployment after graduation, these job seekers face difficulties in establishing a sense of belonging in society. The SOOM app offers the following features: 1. Users can join and create study rooms. 2. It offers personalized characters and multiple personas. 3. An AI Synergy Mate provides continuous interaction and psychological support to job seekers. 4. A badge reward system encourages and uplifts users when job search results are discouraging.