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Our Trial


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Noah Cousineau
Design Type: Health & Medical
Company / Organization / School: ArtCenter College of Design
Website: https://noahcousineau.com/
Team Members: Noah Cousineau, Jaiqi "Vanessa" Huang & Haoran Xu

Our Trial is a group project that was created in collaboration between ArtCenter College of Design and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Cedars-Sinai approached ArtCenter because the Medical Center found that certain communities, typically African American, Latinx, and Korean communities, in Los Angeles and the nation were underrepresented in cancer clinical trial testing compared to White communities. Cedars-Sinai asked ArtCenter students how this gap between communities could be improved. Our group consisted of a graphic designer (submitter) and two interaction designers. Through research, we found that these underrepresented communities had more skepticism of the healthcare system compared to White communities. In addition, we also found that doctors did not typically inform patients of available clinical trials, leaving only patients who previously knew of clinical trials to find ones for themselves. Lastly, we found that diagnoses from doctors to patients about cancer in general was typically cold, sterile, and made patients feel alone. Using our skills in graphic design and interaction design, Our Trial was created as an app to connect cancer patients, a social meet-up program, and hospital lounge. The program aimed to normalize conversation about cancer and inform users of available clinical trials, all with warm, comforting, and human-centered messaging and visuals.