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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Health // CVS Health QuickServe™

CVS Health QuickServe™

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Health
Designer: Darryl James - Director, Innovation Consulting
Design Type: Self-Care
Company / Organization / School: EPAM Systems, Inc.
Website: https://www.epam.com/
Team Members: Darryl James, Regan Fiascone, Sarah Callaway, Marnie Chang, Tim Tocci, Jamila Gramsey, Adam Afazali, Naomi Korn Gold, Liz Winter, Christine Horan, Nicole Nassif, Kyle Benton, Adam Pozdro, Andreas Senai, Jessica Maniatis, Duncan Freake, Chris Gosnell, Adam Tull & Rich Ciccarelli

CVS Health is building personalized healthcare solutions for consumers no matter where they are on their journey. For so many people, simply taking daily vitamins and supplements is a reachable goal, but they’re busy and it’s hard to form habits that stick. In partnership with EPAM Continuum, CVS relied upon ethnographic research to understand the entire consumer journey. The result is the QuickServe™ Vitamin Dispensing System, a patented, one-touch vitamin/supplement dispenser that meets customers where they are. Traditional pill bottles can look like messy clutter, but QuickServe is designed to be attractive enough to leave out on your kitchen counter or bedside table. The interlocking, refillable dispensers are easy to use and provide a customizable “bookshelf” that serves as a visible reminder to take vitamins/supplements every day. The 30-day cartridges are simple to change and are available across a wide variety of vitamins and supplements. To create this life hack, we went into homes to see where people store their vitamins, conducted shop-alongs to understand what they’re looking for, and tested different formats (powders, gummies, capsules) to see what consumers actually prefer to use. We observed, analyzed, and reimagined the customer experience, so we could help consumers achieve a simple health