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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Space // Hohhot Kaide Square · Nuohemule Renovation Project

Hohhot Kaide Square · Nuohemule Renovation Project

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Yi Zhang - Main Designer
Design Type: Public Architecture, Re-Builds, Re-use & Restoration (Showing Before & After), Sustainable, Green Architecture
Company / Organization / School: China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research Co., Ltd.
Team Members: Yi Zhang, Xin Zhang, Ying Xu, Yu Wang, Yubin Peng, Guansheng Wang, Xuechao Wang, Zhiyan Bai, Jiangtao Zhang, Qiong Li, Xiao Liu, Linru Yang, Yan Huang, Qianru Jiao, Weiliang Huo, Xinliang Li, Ruogu Hu, Yinghui Sun, Lin Lin & Jing Wen

The project design inspiration comes from the Hanging Garden in Babylon. The design team updates the design through creating an atmosphere, reorganizing stores, adjusting business formats, optimizing streamline, sharing space and utilizing skylight, and humanizing transformation. They are committed to creating the first green aerobic shopping garden in Inner Mongolia with strong sandstorms, forming an elegant forest in the city and a shopping center in nature.