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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Fall/Winter Student // Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Yihang Xu
Design Type: Health & Medical
Company / Organization / School: Pratt Institute + BUPT + BJUT
Team Members: Yihang Xu, Ziyi Huang, Xuan Jin & Yutong Mei

Glow in the Dark (GITD) is an innovative CPR wearable device, designed to empower you during critical situations. More than just a training tool, GITD serves as your personal confidence booster in executing CPR skills. It tackles the common issue of hesitation and forgetfulness in emergency scenarios. With GITD, there's no need to feel overwhelmed or wait for others to lead. It enhances your trained CPR knowledge with unique features like real-time pressing speed correction and comprehensive step-by-step visual and auditory guidance, ensuring you act decisively and effectively. Imagine being the crucial responder in an urgent situation, whether for someone close to you or a total stranger. GITD lights your way, guiding you confidently through life-saving actions. No more hesitations or depending on others. GITD equips you with the ability to act quickly and assuredly, building on the CPR knowledge you've trained for.