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Environment-Friendly AI Electronic Banner


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Dohee Cho - CEO/Design Director
Design Type: Electronics—telecom, mobile, AV, PCs, tablets.
Company / Organization / School: P2SG GLOBAL
Website: http://newmediaglas.com
Team Members: Dohee Cho, Eunho Choi & Minji Ku

The Environment-Friendly AI Electronic Banner is an innovative smart signboard that combines AI technology and eco-friendly photovoltaic power generation. It uses media glass with wireless LEDs to display various information such as images, text, and videos in real-time. This transparent design blends in with the surrounding landscape, making it visually appealing. Equipped with an AI server, camera, and program, the electronic banner can display public information and advertisements depending on the installation location. It can also recognize abnormal situations and alert responders by automatically analyzing data collected by the camera. In addition, the electronic banner is eco-friendly as it uses DSSC to recycle light energy generated in the urban environment. This makes it an ideal choice for cities looking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to ESG management. The Environment-Friendly AI Electronic Banner saves energy and enhances city aesthetics, making it a valuable asset for smart cities. It is a perfect blend of technology and environmental consciousness, making it an excellent choice for public information systems.