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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Product // DANCING IN CLOUDS Necklace



Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Dingjie Yu - Team Leader
Design Type: Jewelry, timepieces, awards, trophies & luxury goods
Company / Organization / School: ChuCui Palace

DANCING IN CLOUDS Necklace is a crane shaped jewelry necklace. The entire crane neck is bent into a slender arc, which reflects the pursuit of line tension in oriental art. The designers outlined the shape of the entire piece with simple lines that contrast with the complex lines of the crane's tail and wings. It's very infectious. The crane's head is connected to the crane's tail, as if the crane is looking back and combing its feathers, it shows the vivid posture of the crane. In terms of craftsmanship: there are many hidden buckles and components behind the collar, which can be split and combined. The tail on the left can be disassembled into a brooch, the wings on the right can be disassembled into a pendant, and the rest of the crane head and crane neck echo each other to form a simple necklace, which can be used for daily wear. Each piece of jewelry after dismantling is meticulously crafted, original and impressive.