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We 2 Gather


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: You Jeong Hwang
Design Type: Web, UX, UI, IXO, HCII
Company / Organization / School: School of Visual Arts
Team Members: You Jeong Hwang, Zihan Zhang, Jinsung Park & Siwoo Choi

This world has its bright side, but on the other hand, it has its dark side. We 2 gather is a platform against this dark side of the world. We're trying to get rid of all the discrimination and hatred in the world. We looked into whether people have ever experienced hatred or discrimination. To combat discrimination in the world, we emphasized safety and added voice function to the translator to make it convenient for people to use. We 2 gather has a report function that allows people to report when they are treated unfairly, and a Share function that lets others know. People can comfort their wounded hearts in We 2 Gather's community. We think discrimination can be overcome through connections between people. I believe that if people sympathize with other people's pain, this world can be filled with love.