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Carry On


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Seokoo Yeo
Design Type: Packaging, Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Hongik University
Team Members: Seokoo Yeo

Carry On is a container that contains a mini-sized container for travel uses. These mini-sized ones are often forgotten and after a long time, it is thrown away with some remainings in it. I thought these kinds of meaningless wastes could be changed with some simple changes in design. I thought that mini-sized ones' low frequency of uses lead to forgetting their existence which then leads to meaningless wastes in the future. To solve this, Carry On combines mini container with the normal container that we use daily. Through this small change, I aim to make mini ones more recognizable and eventually reduce meaningless wastes of the mini ones. Carry On suggests a gentle and natural way for users to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. When using the mini container, users will naturally recognize the empty space and put the mini container back in its place, minimizing the risk of losing it. Additionally, when the larger container runs out, users can easily use the mini one in front of them until the last drop, without wasting any product.