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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Product // SHIMMERING CRANE Brooch



Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Dingjie Yu - Team Leader
Design Type: Jewelry, timepieces, awards, trophies & luxury goods
Company / Organization / School: ChuCui Palace

SHIMMERING CRANE is a jewelry brooch inspired by the flying cranes in the blue waves. The crane is flying freely among the waves with a stretched and graceful posture. The crane crown made of pink sapphire is the finishing touch to the whole piece of jewelry. The dazzling blue crane wings complement the blue waves at the bottom. This piece of jewelry incorporates the skills of traditional Chinese realistic painting into jewelry design. Designers use the aesthetic framework of oriental art to describe the natural world, and this work was born on this basis. The mosaic method of SHIMMERING CRANE incorporates the techniques of traditional Chinese realistic painting, which attaches great importance to the transition of colors. The jargon for this technique is called fine brush dyeing. This piece of jewelry also adopts the technology of fine brush dyeing. 178 gemstones of the same color with a total weight of 27.533 carats of different shades were selected, and the designers arranged them in a way from shallow to deep, from deep to shallow, or from inside to outside, so that the piece of jewelry presents delicate layers of color.