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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Fall/Winter Student // Intelligent Pruning Machine

Intelligent Pruning Machine


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Wei Wang
Design Type: Concept, Product & industrial, Vehicles
Company / Organization / School: Shenyang Aerospace University´╝îFuzhou University
Team Members: Wei Wang, Huaibo Zhu, Dong Xu, Gaojie Liu, Xinyu Chen & Lianfu Wu

It is an intelligent pruning machine that can replace manual pruning, save human resources, and realize resource recycling in utilization. Lidar identification and detection are used to provide refined multi-form pruning methods to complete the pruning needs of various plants of different shapes. Ultimately, the machine can convert pruned leaves and branches into resources such as soil fertilizer, power plant fuel, paper and fertilizer charcoal feedstock, providing solutions for sustainable urban development. Pruning green foliage does not need to be realized, and it is rich in functions. Just plan the pruning route on the system, and the whole process can be pruned. Providing a systematic solution for sustainable urban development, the equipment is used for mowing and internal crushing storage, from mowing to crushing storage to delivery. The machine converts pruned leaves into soil fertilizer, power plant fuel, and paper and charcoal materials for recycling. It not only raises people's awareness, but also promotes the sustainable development of urban ecology.