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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Minsong Cho
Design Type: Concept, Health & Medical, Packaging, Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Yeungnam University, Korea Design Membership +
Team Members: Minsong Cho, HyeEun Shin & Gyeongmin Park

Every year, disasters cause many injuries. Determining blood type after a disaster can quickly save a patient's life during emergency care and prevent incorrect transfusions. Currently, there are several ways to determine blood type at a disaster site: having information from a previous blood type test, asking the patient's acquaintances for information, using a blood standby, and using a blood type test kit. However, these methods are time-consuming, making it difficult to determine blood type immediately in fast-paced disaster situations. Probeon is a band that combines a syringe-type micro-needle and a blood sheet to provide quick and intuitive blood type information, breaking away from the traditional blood test method. We also made it possible to shorten the process of applying the band through a dedicated attachment device.


Great idea that is nicely executed.,,Great industrial design, presentation and consideration for the whole system. ,,,,,,,need to understand the mechanics better but good design