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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // The Origin

The Origin


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Li Jen Hsu - Director
Design Type: Architecture; Residential
Company / Organization / School: SIANGPIN CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD
Website: www.siangpin.com
Team Members: Chiang, Chih-Chang / Tony Kuo

Origin is the core concept of this design project, which stands for the origin of home, and is a design idea that centers man and family. The designer aims to build a perfect living space for every member of a huge three-generation family, and moreover, to explore the origin and root of humans’ lives in order to help people re-embrace the nature and to find the balance between architecture and nature. Located in a denser residency area, the relatively small base is designed for five families. However, the designer makes the space visually wider with the white tone, the rock-like surface, the vertical wood figure and the greenery touches, which really depicts an image of living in the wilderness as the most original form of living. The roof of the building is indented and the lines mimicking the silhouette of rolling mountains. The view is broadened and can introduce more nature light in through windows on the balcony and the lattice. The design really ties in the five families as a whole and creates a sense of community. The usage of the space not only is functional but also brings more fun to everyday life.