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Gatorade Zero with Protein


Competition: Spark:Package
Designer: Emily Ford
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Team Members: PepsiCo Design & Innovation Team

Most sports drinks focus on athlete performance to hydrate and replace electrolytes, and most post-workout drinks focus on protein and rebuilding muscle. Gatorade noticed a specific gap in the consumer sports drink market and wanted to step in to fill it. The launch of Gatorade Zero with Protein creates a new hydration subcategory all its own. This new subcategory offers electrolytes as well as protein in order to focus on hydration, not performance. Insight concept testing showed that consumers wanted a hydrating protein beverage instead of protein water or shakes. The goal was to come up with a refreshing new way for athletes to kick start their post-workout recovery.The Design Team stepped in to visually communicate the benefits and unique position of our product. The goal was to highlight how Gatorade Zero with Protein is not a protein shake and the consistency is similar to Gatorade Thirst Quencher and Gatorade Zero. We wanted to emphasize that Gatorade Zero with Protein has zero sugar, just like Gatorade Zero, and also contains 10 grams of protein. The most important thing to convey through design was the texture of Gatorade Zero with Protein. The label features multiple transparent windows so consumers can see