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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Sicong Ma - designer
Design Type: Web, UX, UI, IXO, HCII
Company / Organization / School: Syracuse University
Team Members: Sicong Ma, Nayan Dong, Nuo Chen & Xinyi Wang

Situation: Alzheimer's disease is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide, and its impact on caregivers cannot be overstated. Caregivers face significant physical and emotional stress as they provide daily care for their loved ones with Alzheimer's disease. With no cure for the disease, caregivers rely on their knowledge, skills, and support to provide the best possible care for their loved ones. Challenge: There is a lack of user-friendly and reliable platforms to support caregivers in their caregiving efforts. Caregivers often struggle to manage their responsibilities, resulting in increased stress and decreased quality of life. Therefore, there is a need for a well-designed app that can provide caregivers with the support they need to manage their caregiving responsibilities more efficiently. Goal: The Alzheimer's disease caregiver app aims to address this issue by providing a user-friendly platform that helps caregivers learn and apply disease-related knowledge, facilitates emotional support, and promotes social interaction. The app should be designed to be easy to use, with intuitive navigation, clear instructions, and user-friendly features. By using technology to provide support to caregivers, the app can help reduce caregiver stress and improve the quality of life for Alzheimer's disease patients and their families. Function: Encourage users to learn, interact, social, health


Good idea (for the caregiver) for a much needed product.