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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Yunho Kim - Ourhour
Design Type: Transportation & Mobility
Company / Organization / School: Samsung Design Membership
Team Members: Yunho Kim, Susanna Kim, Seungwhan Ra, Youngsuh Yoo & Seoyoung Lee

There are numerous challenges faced by parents with physical disabilities when it comes to moving together with a child. When a parent in a wheelchair uses a stroller, it's difficult to simultaneously control both, and the heightened sensitivity due to safety concerns hinders communication with the child. The experience of going out to create happy memories is often negative, leading to fatigue and anxiety. To transform these outings into positive experiences, we conducted an examination of their daily lives. We observed a natural and intimate interaction when the parent and child sat close to each other, with the child on the parent's lap. Based on this observation, we propose a new mobility solution called "OURHOUR" that reflects their unique interactions. OURHOUR is a wheelchair that can combine baby seat modules. It has a compact form and safety features to help them move without worrying. It offers flexible usage options, as the baby seat module can be easily attached not only to the wheelchair but also to other items such as strollers or car seats. Through OURHOUR, parents with physical disabilities can venture out without concerns or stress, creating enjoyable memories with their children and enabling more intimate and unrestricted interactions.


Good idea,,,,,Excellent concept and good execution of a very complex object, This is a Spark-worthy idea – truly a step in the right direction of making life better and empowering for the intended user