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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Cassily (Danwei) Zhao
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: ArtCenter College of Design
Website: https://www.cassilyzhao.com/
Team Members: Cassily (Danwei) Zhao

Nowadays, diets always fail! People's eating choices can only sometimes align with the dietary guideline. The hidden reasons behind the failures are the lack of knowledge, particular eating habits, and a lack of alternative options. Nouri is a set of accessories and an app designed to reimagine nutrition intake and dietary patterns to promote health, reduce the risk of obesity, and meet nutrition needs. The app generates a nutrition portion control plan for each individual. Next, a portion chart will be projected onto the Nouri plate. Lastly, users can follow the plan and prepare meals on the plate. Nouri got inspiration from the thermostats designed by some tech companies. It follows how they regulate their temperature, ensuring it is not too hot or cold. Similarly, Nouri regulates nutrition intake, ensuring that the necessary nutrition is not too much or too little. It is designed to adapt to meet personal preferences, cultural habits, traditions, and even budget needs.


Project was well executed and presented