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Dell Premier Keyboard & Mouse Packaging

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Package
Designer: Experience Design Group
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Dell Technologies
Team Members: Experience Design Group

The Dell Premier Keyboard & Mouse Packaging has an improved user experience and a subdued black-on-black color tone. Key design highlights are: • Steps to access the product are reduced. • Pizza box structure gives easy access to the product. • Tray design details allow user to easily unbox the device. • Inner lid top cushioning allows the system to ship with minimized wrap. • Design improves the initial presentation, so customers get full view of the product upon unboxing. • Graphic strategy is consistent among all three packages. The packaging structure creates a clear and positive unboxing experience for the user. The clamshell-style opening presents the product to the user and allows easy access. Hand holes are designed into the tray to help the user pick up the product. The internal structure of each box reduces packaging components, increases fiber for recyclability and minimizes plastic use. The molded paper pulp cushion provides an organized presentation of the cables and dongles. The hangtag of the mouse packaging is paper to support the reduction in plastic. The black color of the packaging connects with other premium lines within Dell. The photography of the product along with black-on-black graphic tone creates a dramatic effect highlighting the product.